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As seen on the work order…

Customer's signature on work order authorizes Allocate Tech to work on the indicated computer(s) and drive(s) as described. Customer has also checked and indicated all data that needs to be backed up or recovered, and will not hold Allocate Tech accountable for any damages to equipment, any data lost and/or down time experienced in the event of servicing. Customer acknowledges that any backup or recovered data will be deleted from Allocate Tech's storage once the job is completed. Allocate Tech is not responsible for any equipment lost due to theft, terrorism, and/or disaster. Computer(s) and/or peripheral(s) not picked up after 15 days from date of completion are subject to a $25 storage fee. After 60 days, any unclaimed items will be recycled.

Continue from work order…

The customer acknowledges that Allocate Tech, LLC is not responsible for any damages resulting from the operation of any repaired or purchased equipment caused by, including, but not limited to, incidental and consequential damages or damages resulting from the breach of any expressed or implied warranty or condition, including damages to property and damages for personal injury. The customer agrees to hold Allocate Tech harmless and free from any liability arising from the use of repaired or purchased equipment. In the event shall Allocate Tech's liability exceed the repair or replacement cost of any warranted equipment, Allocate Tech will not be held liable for payment should the customer decide to take the equipment to any other service centers for work that is covered under warranty. There is no warranty for software work. All warranties start at the time and date of completion and not on the date that the customer signs paperwork or receive equipment. Allocate Tech reserves the right to change pricing, warranties and conditions at any time without advance notice. All information and prices on Allocate Tech's website are subject to change without advance notice at any time, Allocate Tech shall not be held liable for any prices or information previously listed on the website.

Agreement & Fees:

Customer agrees to pay Allocate Tech for any costs related to the collection of any sum due, including overhead and legal fees and expenses. Returned checks are subject to a $35.00 charge.


Allocate Tech, LLC guarantees performance of replacement parts and new products for a period of 1 year from the date of sale (new and original equipment only). Third party and after market equipment is warranted for 90-days, unless otherwise specified. Extended warranties not warranted by Allocate Tech may be warranted by the manufacturer. Please see manufacturer's terms and conditions for further information.

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